To begin with, I would like to thank Professors Devin Bryson and Emily Adams, who have established a caring relationship with this community. Without their support in a variety of ways, the project would have been impossible. Similarly, the students in French 302—Deana Carnaghi, Courtney Dietz (who also assisted with translating and writing), Jordan Howard, […]

Scene 11: The American Dream

(Projection of the DRC and US flags.) NARRATOR: America. Land of the free, home of the brave. Bombs bursting in air, and the rockets’ red glare. A symbol of power for the world or an opportunity for better days. For the citizens of America, we are often blinded, perhaps because of how comfortable our lives […]

Scene 10: The American Workplace Revisited

CEPHAS: There are two reasons people come to the US—for security and a better economy. I no longer have to work at JBS. I now work at Reynold’s. And I’m not making the plastic. I’m an instructor. They hired me to interpret English to Africans who speak French. I explain to them how to work […]

Scene 9: Politics

RACHEL: I like the American Government. I like it because they give the candidates the opportunity to go to the media and explain the program to the people that they expect to rule. That’s a good thing. But in most of Africa, they don’t do that. Our leadership, they don’t have respect for their people. […]

Scene 8: Working in the Shadows

(NARRATOR begins and the cyc should light up with an ominous red color. The WORKERS are behind the scrim.) NARRATOR: JBS is a meat packing factory in Beardstown, Illinois. Most workers have ten-hour work days. MCABRAHAM: I start work at two and I get off at midnight. I’m always exhausted. AKUA: I have to attend […]